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Worthington Company, a firm that produced roofing and steel products.

After the war he became sales manager for Continental Steel and Penn Metal Company.

Although at first having been informed that their visas would be extended, the consul revoked Alfred Rahn's visa due to a claim of moral turpitude. Two days after Alfred Rahn was released from prison the family, including Ruth's nurse, Helen Lorz, received new American visas.

After a brief stay in Paris, the Rahns left for America, arriving on April 15, 1939 in New York.

Lilli Bechmann was the daughter of the businessman Hugo Bechmann and his wife Ida Bechmann (née Metzger) and was born in Fürth on February 10, 1911.

Hugo Bechmann was the owner of a mirror glass factory, founded in the 1840s as W.

Bechmann, but renamed under Hugo Bechmann as the Bayerische Spiegel- und Spiegeigiass Fabriken AG (Bavarian Mirror and Mirror Glass Factories AG).

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Johanna Rahn died in 1965; her husband Sidney had died in 1930 in Fürth.REEL 1 1 ) START MICROFILMED 2015 For: Leo Baeck Institute 15 West 16*" Street New York, NY 10011 FILMING POSITION: REDUCTION RATIO: DATE FILMING BE GAN HUDSON ARCHIVAL WE HAVE A PASSION FOR PRESERVATION. port ewen, ny I 2466 IMAGE EVALUATION TEST TARGET (QA-3) w C\ I 2.2 2.0 1.8 1.0 ^ 1111 - י ■ 50 '*"1 1^ iiip■^ 1.1 110 ־ !ü: lllll^ l_ l_ ^ 11.25 1.4 llllh.6 COPYRIGHT STATEMENT The copyright law of the United States - Title 17, United States Code ־ concerns the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.From 1942-1944 Lilli Rahn taught at Denver University, giving courses in the history of the theater and in German, teaching the latter as part of the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP).On January 21, 1945 Alfred and Lilli Rahn's second daughter, Evelyn, was born.

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