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The rollover is made up of two components; the tom/next swap points (Forward Price) and the financing of unrealised profit/loss (Financing Interest). Saxo is open for trading 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, opening on a Monday morning in Australia (05.00 Local Sydney Time) and closing on a Friday evening (17.00 Eastern Standard Time).However, some currencies have special trading hours as shown in the table below: * In instances where no liquidity can be sourced in the market, these trading hours may be further reduced on a day-to-day basis ** Special dates and times for FX Metals apply on U. national holidays to reflect the trading hours of the underlying futures market Please note, FX spot, forward and option prices stop streaming from 1 minute before the end of the trading day ( Eastern Standard time) and remain non-tradeable (grey pricing) for 5 minutes. Saxo want you to recognise that liquidity can be thin during this brief interval and encourage you not to trade at this time.Different prices are provided for different amounts, known as price bands, and these bands vary depending on the currency pair. See Live Historical Volume-based Discount Plan Spreads At Saxo, FX spot trades do not settle.Instead, open positions held at the end of a trading day (17.00 Eastern Standard Time) are rolled forward to the next available business day.When netting open FX positions Saxo uses FIFO (First-In-First-Out) rules, which means that the first position that you open is the first position to be closed.This is provided that the positions are on the same account and that none of the positions have related orders attached.Regolamentato dalla „Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission“ (Cy SEC) organo di controllo finanziario questo Broker dispone cosi di una licenza ufficiale di Trading per Opzioni Binarie.

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Specialmente nel campo di lingua italiana il Broker e Toro login si é sviluppato come Broker apprezzato.

If the NOP value exceeds the NOP limit, you will only be able to place orders that close positions or reduce the NOP value.

The breakdown of single currency exposures and the NOP value is displayed in the Saxo Trader platforms in the ‘Account Exposure’.

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Anche al di fuori dell´Italia e Toro é riuscito in breve tempo a svilupparsi come uno dei Broker-Trading-Sociale piu´ popolare e conosciuto.

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